Berthing Marina Rules & Regulations

Marina Rules & Regulations


1. A Berth License Agreement must be signed by the Marina Owner and Vessel Owner prior to the Vessel being berthed at the Marina.

2. All fees and charges payable to the Marina Owner must be settled in accordance with the Registration Form and Berthing Agreement but in any event prior to occupying a Berth at the Marina.

3. The following documents are required for a Vessel to occupy a Berth at the Marina:

(a) current registration;

(b) current certificate of insurance;

(c) copy of the Vessel Owner’s current passport or other identifying document;

(d) details of any finance/mortgage over the Vessel;

(e) any other documentation that the Marina Owner may request further documentation from time to time prior to approving the Vessel.

4. The Marina Owner takes no responsibility for accidents, injury, or death to any persons in, or working within, the Marina at any time. All persons wishing to enter the Marina for any reason do so at their own risk.

5. Parking permits are issued to vehicles registered to the Vessel Owner and their immediate family & crew only. The Parking Permits are non-transferable. Any vehicle not displaying a current permit will not be permitted to remain in the Marina. The Marina does not warrant the availability of parking. Permits will not be issued to delinquent accounts.

6. All changes of address, telephone numbers and/or ownership of a Vessel shall be reported to the Marina Owner immediately.

7. All persons must observe any reasonable direction given by the Marina Owner or the Manager on Marina Owner’s behalf. If a request from the Marina Owner is not complied with, the Marina Owner reserves the right to remove the person from the Marina.

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8. Any defects or malfunction of facilities within the Marina must be reported to the Marina Owner immediately.9. Access keys to unattended Vessels and all contact details of the Vessel Owner must be provided to the Marina Owner.10. Prior to any signage or advertising being placed on any publicly visible area of a vessel, permission must be granted by the Marina Owner, in writing.


11. The riding of skateboards, roller blades, scooters or any other means of transport deemed inappropriate by the Marina Owner within the Marina is not permitted.

12. Marina walkways and access areas must be kept clear at all times and must not be used for the temporary storage of goods. Any offending items may be removed by the Marina Owner without notice.

13. Persons using the Marina must ensure they keep the area in use clean at all times. If the Marina Owner is obliged to remedy a breach of this rule, then all associated costs of that cleaning will be invoiced to the responsible contractor or the Vessel Owner.

14. Fuel, dangerous or flammable goods are not to be brought onto the Marina. All refueling of Vessels must be undertaken at the refueling station, should one exist at the Marina.

15. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

16. All signs and directions for safety controls are to be adhered to by users.

17. Marina users must observe the rules and regulations of all appropriate local or international authorities for the movement of vessels.

18. Swimming, fishing, diving and underwater activities within the Marina are not permitted.

19. Animals are not permitted in the Marina without the prior approval of the Marina Owner. Leashes must be used at all times, for dogs.

20. Any barbecues, parties or gatherings of five or more people must first have permission from the Marina Manager.


21. No vessel shall be anchored in the Marina nor moored in a way as to cause any obstruction to the Marina Owner or any other marina user.

22. Marina users must, at their own expense, supply suitable mooring lines, fendering, and all other parts of their vessels and maintain them in good condition. The Marina Owner reserves the right to replace such mooring, fendering, and vessel parts at the Vessel Owner’s expense if the Marina Owner is of the opinion that the lines are not suitable or could cause injury or property damage.

23. Marina users must not cause any nuisance to other marina users or local residents. The Marina Owner reserves the right to remove any offending Vessel from the Marina, or, where the Vessel is unattended, to board the Yacht for the purpose of preventing a breach of this rule.

24. Only Vessels in seaworthy condition and under their own power will be admitted to the Marina. All Vessels must be insured, registered, identified, equipped and maintained as required by law and safe practice.

25. Vessels must be kept tidy and maintained in good condition so as not to reflect unfavorably on the high visual standards of the Marina.

26. No part of any Vessel is to encroach over any part of the Marina (including, for example, anchors or bowsprits). If the Marina Owner is of the opinion that a Vessel is berthed dangerously, it may re‐berth or move the Vessel at the cost of the Vessel Owner without notice.

27. All Vessels shall be kept in a clean and orderly condition. No laundry, towels, bathing suits or other such items shall be hung on vessel, docks or pilings.

28. Vessels moving within the Marina shall not exceed a speed of three knots, or in a manner that may endanger or cause nuisance to other marina users.

29. Maintenance work on vessels in the Marina by the vessel owners shall be limited to normal preventative maintenance. These procedures are to include changing batteries, fluids, and expendable parts (e.g., belts, filters, etc.). Extensive repairs may require, at the sole discretion of the Marina Owner, that the vessel be removed from the Marina prior to the work being done.

30. Vessel owners must inform the Marina Manager prior to any vessel being disabled due to engine work or otherwise. If need be, the vessel will be towed, at the Vessel Owner’s cost, to a more suitable berth.


31. The discharge of waste water from vessels is strictly prohibited. Marina users must not dispose of sewage, garbage, or any other waste into or in the vicinity of the Marina. The Marina Manager is entitled to impose a fine against a Vessel Owner for the violation of this rule.

32. All garbage shall be disposed of in the appropriate recycling bins or waste containers provided.

33. Any fire, or waste, oil or fuel leakage or spills must be reported to the Marina Owner immediately.

34. Bilges must be checked for fumes or spills before starting motors and immediately after refueling.

35. The excessive running of engines, motors and generators within the Marina is not permitted.

36. Noise shall be kept to a minimum at all times. Owner shall not make or allow any disturbing noises on the docks or anywhere on the premises, between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. the Owner shall use discretion when operating engines, generators, radios and television sets so as not to create a nuisance or disturbance.

37. A no wake zone must be respected, at all times, in the marina and surrounding vicinity, including the approach channel.

These rules & regulations are subject to periodic update & amendment & will be available in the marina office.